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What is Handbrake?

Handbrake is a cross platform which is open source and free to use by anyone. It includes advanced features that are easy to understand; a user who knows the basics can easily figure out the steps and learn its tools and functions. This software is used to convert different types of video formats into MPEG 4 format or whatever format the user needs. This is also multi-platform software which means it is available for all Windows, Mac OS and Linux users. It is capable of grabbing not just videos from DVD's but as well as audios from different sources. It presents great features such as encoding, video filtering and a lot more.


One of its impressive features is the bitrate calculator. This feature lets you alter the video quality depending on the size you desire. Handbreak has a Help button that leads to its publisher’s website. This is where you can find some valuable information for both new and advanced users of the Handbreak application.

Download & Installation

Using Handbrake may be a bit overwhelming for its interface comes with a lot of options however downloading this software and installing it is a good decision for it comes with features that are useful in ripping DVD’s. This software is compatible to Mac OS X 10.5 and other later versions, Linux specifically Ubuntu and Fedora and of course Windows platform with a file size of about 6.9 MB. Download Handbreak today and experience a smooth and excellent video conversion. Feel free to send us your feedback and questions.

Free Download

Features 1

Handbrake comes with wonderful features and one prominent feature is the ability to filter videos. It is capable of deinterlacing which means it is possible for users to convert interlaced videos into its non-interlaced format. Cropping of digital images and scaling it is also possible, decombing and doing the process of detelecine is also supported.


Features 2

Handbrake is capable of converting videos into different modern formats. This software allows conversion of MPEG file formats into just about anything, even if you feed it with any video format this software is capable of transcoding it to be optimized by different devices such as Android, iOS devices and a lot more.


Features 3

Handbrake comes with subtitle support and closed captions. It supports SRT, VOBSub, and SSA. So anyone who wishes to convert videos and add subtitles to it can definitely do it with ease. This software is also capable of converting formats that comes from unprotected sources of DVD's or Blurays.